Leonidas Box Mosaïques - 9 pc.

Gift box filled with an assortment of 9 mosaïques chocolates filled with a delicious crunchy praliné inspired by a belgian biscuit.
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Leonidas Box Mosaïques - 9 pc.
  • Leonidas Box Mosaïques - 9 pc.
    Leonidas Box Mosaïques - 9 pc.

Composition & Ingredients

Leonidas: Heritage doos S Mosaïques 9st. 105g
Ingredients sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milkpowder, hazelnuts, butter, glucose syrup, milkcream, almonds, , water, anhydrous butter, emulsifier:soylecithin, humectant: sorbitol syrup, honey, invert sugar, sweetened condensed milk, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose, grated coconut, flavors , alcohols (ethanol, rum), humectant: sorbitol, candied fruit (orange, melon), caramel powder withmilkfat (skimmed milkpowder, whey powder (milk), sugar, anhydrous milkfat, natural vanilla flavouring), rice flour, speculoos (wheatflour, cane sugar, butter, honey, < strong>soyflour, sodium bicarbonate, cinnamon), strawberries, whole milk cherries, wheatflour, bitter almonds, food acids ( citric acid, malic acid, n sodium citrate), raspberries, humectant: xylitol, coffee, infusion of hibiscus flowers, pistachios, elderberry powder, almond milk (almonds, sugar, maltodextrin, soy beans, antioxidant: ascorbyl palmitate, anti-caking agent: silicon oxide, peach puree, pieces of roasted cocoa beans, invertase, coconut oil, concentrated farmberry juice, concentrate of red radish, preservative: potassium sorbable, elderberry juice concentrate, sesame, beet juice, anhydrous milkfat, colorings (beetroot, concentrated grape must, blueberry, carrot, blackcurrant, carmine, curcumin, copper complexes with chlorophylls, anthocyanin), skimmed milkpowder, cocoa powder, caramelized sugar, orange zest, salt, cherry, concentrated lemon juice, concentrated blackcurrant juice, wheatmalt, pineapple, yuzu juice, sesameoil, pectin,lactose, milkproteins ,concentrated cherry juice, thickeners (pectin, agar agar, xanthan gum), concentrated grapefruit juice, fruit concentrate, guerande salt, balsamic vinegar, protein, barley maltflower, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, concentrated vegetables (carrot, hibiscus), basil , modified starch, paprika extract, milkchocolate (min 30% dry cocoa solids, min 22% dry milk solids), dark chocolate (min 54% dry solids), white chocolate (min 25% dry cocoa solids, min 22% dry milksolids) Nutritional information per 100g energy 514kcal fats 31g of which saturated 15g carbohydrates 51g of which sugars 47g fiber 3g proteins 5g salt 0.1g

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